Your turn.

This is my first poll and I’m nerdily excited about it. So many people have shared thoughts about my blog and my posts. Different people seem to love hearing about different things, so it got my thinking that maybe there are certain topics people want to read more about, or less about, and maybe a poll is a good way to find out.

If I’ve done this correctly, you will be able to select as many or as few topics that you’re interested in hearing more about, as well as add whatever else you can think of. It’s 100% anonymous so even if you’re a lurker or I don’t know you in person or you don’t want me to know that you’re voting, no worries – because I can’t know who contributed.

Here you go, hope it works!

Speech-Language Pathologist. Nature-loving, book-reading, coffee-drinking, mismatched-socks-wearing, Autism-Awesomeness-finder, sensitive-soul Bostonian.

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