February 2013


I’ve been reading lately. Two books. One, about quantum medicine, quantum physics, quantum healing. Another, about introverts.

My soul feels like it’s going to explode with all of the knowledge I’m learning, all of the pieces that are zooming together, making this elaborate, beautiful puzzle of understanding, and I want to scream it out lout and explain it to all of you, and everyone in my life, and everyone in the world. But that’s overwhelming, so I shut down, because I don’t know where to start. I want to write about it and tell you about it and make the connections and paint the picture, and help shed that light that is being shed for me, both personally and professionally. But where do I start?

You know I often don’t write if I don’t think I can write something worthwhile. I feel this way now. I feel that I have one good shot to draw you in, make you understand, try to explain, and if I miss it, poof, that’s it, there goes your interest, there goes my attempt. I hope this isn’t so.

I want to start soon. Maybe with some excerpts. Maybe with the names of the books. Maybe with a few thoughts, however disjointed they may be.

Would you stick around if I did that?

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