The Not Writing explanation

I had a baby in May. Really, that’s all you need to know.

During all of my pregnancy I struggled to write. I think because there were so many pregnancy-related things I wanted to blog about – but we chose to keep our pregnancy offline and off social media, for a myriad of reasons. And so in my head I would think “I really want to blog about x aspect of pregnancy” but I wouldn’t. And beyond that, nothing else seemed important enough to blog about, because I WAS PREGNANT. That kind of topped anything else.

And then our beautiful miracle was born in May, and I could finally write all of those posts! Except the minor facts of recovering from labor and delivery, and, you know, having a newborn. No big deal. And then as motherhood began and we adjusted to our new life, I thought of a million other motherhood/postpartum things I wanted to blog about. But guess what! Even though she’s 7 weeks old, she’s still an infant! And turns out, you don’t really get free time when you have an infant. Especially the kind who doesn’t love taking naps unless they’re on you. And it turns out that when she DOES take a nap lying down, my priorities have become pee-brush teeth-change out of pjs-maybe eat something-try to nap for five seconds. Blogging? Not as necessary for survival.

So that’s why I have very successfully been a Not Writer lately. I miss blogging. I miss it so much. I miss the ability to formulate my thoughts and emotions – however immature or incoherently written – and get them out into the world where I don’t have to hold them anymore. I’d like to make it a secondary priority – so maybe one day when I’ve gone to the bathroom and showered and stuffed some food in my face and done the laundry and cleaned the bathrooms and written all the thank you notes, I’ll get back to it.

Until then…..a Not Writer I remain.

Speech-Language Pathologist. Nature-loving, book-reading, coffee-drinking, mismatched-socks-wearing, Autism-Awesomeness-finder, sensitive-soul Bostonian.

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