April 2013

I want to blog but when I sit down to blog, the words stop. In fact, I spend so much time thinking about how I’m unable to blog, that in that wasted time, I could’ve written five posts.

I have things I want to say, but I don’t know how to get them out.

I have topics that I’m interested in, but I’m afraid that nobody will care.

I want to blog but I’m afraid that I only have one shot — that if I don’t have a wonderful, fantastic blog, filled with insightful posts, then going public with it is useless because everyone will be like, “Why does ___ even bother blogging, it’s all rambles that she shouldn’t publicize.”

So. At the core, maybe it’s fear. Like always.

How do I get over it? I know, I know, just do it. But is it that easy? Do I have to be a good, perfect blogger?

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