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Calling all well-established bloggers (or, any blogger at all). I need help. I so  badly want this blog to keep going, to become SOMETHING, to (maybe) one day go public with it and tell the world who I am, and share it with colleagues and loved ones. But in order to do that, I want to establish it more. I want it to be something believe in, something people feel is worth checking, not something where there is a post every month when I get brave enough.

I know I can’t write every day, and I probably can’t commit to every other day. But I do know I could aim for at least twice a week. Is that good enough, or not? Will people read it?

And how do I decide what’s worth writing and what’s not? Should I focus on one theme? Keep this mismash that I have going on? Should I turn it more professional, keep it more personal, or both?

Do I make a schedule for myself about what to write when, or just let it happen?

Please, please, please, any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated!

Speech-Language Pathologist. Nature-loving, book-reading, coffee-drinking, mismatched-socks-wearing, Autism-Awesomeness-finder, sensitive-soul Bostonian.


  1. My advice to you is simple..not like I am a master blogger, or up in the big leagues..but write whatever you feel, whenever you feel. People will read. I will for sure. :)

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