September 2012


Today was so beautiful, so crisp and fresh and colorful and blue and bright and it was so beautiful that it filled me up but it kept filling and filling and it filled me too much and it made me sad.

I hate when that happens.

So deep….

Social situations are hard, not because I have social anxiety, social communication issues, or any of the like; they are hard because more often than not, most people are very surface-level. And that’s not their fault, it’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way a lot of the world is. But I’m like….a million times deeper. When they stay on the physical plane, my mental body and supraintellectual body and all of the others are screaming for input and stimulation. It’s like, the conversation satisfies one finger on one hand. But what about the rest of my body?



I really liked this. I especially just liked that she was brave enough to put her thoughts out there and defy the norm.


Why You Should Think Twice Before You Praise Someone for Losing Weight

Yashar Ali


Less than 30 minutes after eating a food that I historically have an intolerance to (wheat, NOT gluten), I have brain fog, feel spacey, totally out of it.

It really impresses me that our bodies tell us things. We just don’t always listen.

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